63: Water, Sticks and Whiskey

63: Water, Sticks and Whiskey
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63: Water, Sticks and Whiskey

Mar 18 2018 | 00:57:42

Episode March 18, 2018 00:57:42

Show Notes

In our last episode, we were in the comfort of the burgomaster of Vallaki's mansion (which now belongs to Will, right? Because that's how real estate works). We found out that the club Blinsky had been using was actually Lank's, and had caused him to become... possessed? Perhaps? Then Batthwack had asked Will if Will's vision had truly been from the Morninglord, or if it might have been from someone else. Is shit about to get real? We had only begun to find out what's actually going on. Let's continue the conversation, shall we? Music by AbBowie Cross and Purple Planet (http://www.purple-planet.com).

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