62: Assistant to the Regional Mayor

62: Assistant to the Regional Mayor
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62: Assistant to the Regional Mayor

Mar 11 2018 | 01:03:06

Episode March 11, 2018 01:03:06

Show Notes

So much of Vallaki is currently on fire, it's ridiculous. But on the plus side, we've rescued people, cats, and money - we're such good little heroes! Last time, Batthwack took out a Izek with minimum effort, and then Ireena kind of flipped out the teensiest bit, setting us all on fire. Afterwards, we scavenged Lady Wachter's house, and Will made a rambling speech trying to either bolster or perhaps confuse the townsfolk. He definitely achieved the latter. Finally, we were approached by an old man asking us to save his grandson who had been kidnapped by big hairy dudes. Really? Haven't we gone through enough? Now we've got this shit to contend with? Maybe we can just sit here in Vallaki, forever, as it burns down around us. That might be better. Music by AbBowie Cross

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