54: Lay On Crotch

54: Lay On Crotch
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54: Lay On Crotch

Jan 07 2018 | 00:56:15

Episode January 07, 2018 00:56:15

Show Notes

Last time, Lank wandered the streets of Vallaki (and attacked certain demon-armed weirdos) without being able to control himself. WTF is up with that? Then Will and Batthwack discussed a plan to figure out who killed the mayor. If Will can fool everyone by pretending to be the mayor, and someone is surprised that the mayor is still alive, we'll easily figure out who was involved in the murder. But then Galdar, of all people, already knew that the mayor was dead. WTF is up with THAT? Music by AbBowie Cross and Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com).

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