100: She's On The Moon

100: She's On The Moon
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100: She's On The Moon

Dec 11 2018 | 01:02:01

Episode December 11, 2018 01:02:01

Show Notes

We've been investigating Argynvostholt, but out of nowhere a group of scarecrows creeped their hay-filled asses over to us. Lank, Nick and Batthwack grew suspicious and decided to investigate, finding a small bundle of raven-like feathers outside and what seemed to be a group of figures carrying off some other type of figure. And squawking. Lots of squawking. Wondering if the wereravens were in trouble, the group decides to help - with Will protesting in a psychic message to Nick, which got cut off because shut up, Will. Will we save the wereravens, if they are in fact in trouble? Will Raphina and Will join the others? And SERIOUSLY WHY ARE WE FOLLOWING A BUNCH OF RANDOM ASS SCARECROWS, GUYS.

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