90: Plantalone

90: Plantalone
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90: Plantalone

Oct 01 2018 | 01:13:00

Episode October 01, 2018 01:13:00

Show Notes

So Nick is okay for now. PHEW. Thanks Raphina! (Can you tell Eric isn't writing this summary? HE TOTALLY WANTED TO KILL NICK, DIDN'T HE, GUYS?) Batthwack has subdued Nat without killing him. (Can you tell I'm not writing this week's recap from Will's perspective? Because otherwise this would be colored very differently.) Raphina, Lank and Batthwack are trying to find wolfsbane in order to reverse the curse. That's TOTALLY GONNA WORK, RIGHT? (Ok, sorry, Will slipped through a bit there.) But will Batthwack donkey punch Lank? #questions Music by AbBowie Cross.

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