50: Play The Bellows On Me

50: Play The Bellows On Me
Pork Fried Dice - A Dungeons & Dragons Podcast
50: Play The Bellows On Me

Dec 10 2017 | 01:12:03

Episode December 10, 2017 01:12:03

Show Notes

Last week, we spent a lot of time making horrible discoveries, investigating rooms, moving bodies, yelling at each other, rendering privies unusable, and yelling at each other more. Then we found a room full of still ghosts. Oh wait, that was important, right? Madame Eva save us all. Will we figure this shit out? Do any of our listeners still have hope that we're not totally incompetent? Tune in this week and find out what dwells in the attic! Music by AbBowie Cross and Purple Planet (http://www.purple-planet.com).

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