48: I've Been Known To Stealth About

48: I've Been Known To Stealth About
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48: I've Been Known To Stealth About

Nov 27 2017 | 01:10:24

Episode November 27, 2017 01:10:24

Show Notes

Last week, we tried to figure out if the Baroness was trustworthy enough to commit murder for. Will certainly seemed to think so. But will they go through with it? Or will Raphina be successful in convincing the group that we shouldn't kill the baron? We all know what happened at the windmill. We're really good at listening to reason. On a side note, support small businesses! We haven't been paid any money to promote the people we've mentioned so far in our podcast, so consider our support of the small businesses we mention as our very own personal recommendations! www.yummypancake.com Music by AbBowie Cross.

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