38: Is This a Toothbrush?

38: Is This a Toothbrush?
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38: Is This a Toothbrush?

Sep 17 2017 | 00:56:05

Episode September 17, 2017 00:56:05

Show Notes

Last time, we continued to explore the Wizard of Wines, finding random piles of twigs everywhere and encountering some creepy, bloody-faced Druids along the way. Finally, a behorned, animal-skin-clad woman got effed up by one of Batthwack's javelins and fell into a vat of wine in the fermentation room. Noooo! Save the wine! ... or will we just put a lid on it and hope for the best? Anyone up for some Druid-flavored wine? Music by audionautix.com and Abby Cross.

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