345: They Were At Lemon's Leap!

345: They Were At Lemon's Leap!
Pork Fried Dice - A Dungeons & Dragons Podcast
345: They Were At Lemon's Leap!

Mar 18 2024 | 01:04:28

Episode 181 March 18, 2024 01:04:28

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[00:00:00] Speaker A: You're listening to the show about two corns. It's pork fried dice. I'm Eric, and I'm the dungeon master. [00:00:11] Speaker B: I'm Abby, and I play Rafina. [00:00:13] Speaker C: I'm Alex and I play Bathweck. [00:00:17] Speaker D: I'm KT and I play will. [00:00:20] Speaker E: I'm Adam and I play Roscoe. [00:00:25] Speaker D: It. [00:00:25] Speaker A: Hold on to your habersack. Let's roll. [00:00:32] Speaker F: Maybe you could each stand on top of one of them. That would be dramatic. That would have flair. [00:00:43] Speaker D: Do they look like they might be wide enough for us to stand on or something? Like, and not go in between? So is there, like, a bunch of background in between? Well, didn't you say we could see it, though? [00:00:55] Speaker A: Kind of. I mean, there's a mile away asking. [00:00:58] Speaker D: Is, does it look like it's two corns really close to each other, or is there, like, a big, significant looking expanse? Like, is it, like, a solid rock like this? [00:01:09] Speaker A: You can't really tell from this angle. [00:01:11] Speaker C: One corn at the north Pole, one corn at the south pole. Everywhere is in between. [00:01:17] Speaker D: Oh, my God. No wonder everyone's dying. People disappear all the time. Yeah, that's fine. I don't see why we're messing with it. I've seen too much weird shit in the past month to just be like, sure, let's add another wild card into this. [00:01:42] Speaker F: You guys want to have a fight in the market instead? [00:01:45] Speaker D: I liked the idea of going running through the market because I was thinking maybe I could burst out of a stall. It's just a stall. We could destroy a stall. Right. Like, I could burst out of one as a giant crab and start chasing him down the street. [00:01:59] Speaker A: Throw melons everywhere. [00:02:00] Speaker D: Everyone would be looking. Yes, because of the melons. Like, everyone. [00:02:05] Speaker F: I think that's part of the plan. [00:02:07] Speaker C: We'll make a scene. [00:02:08] Speaker F: Yeah, but where? [00:02:10] Speaker C: We'll get a nice jog, and then we'll fall off of Devil's peak. [00:02:16] Speaker B: Bathwack really is dedicated. He's committed to Devil's leap. [00:02:21] Speaker D: Yeah. Is this, like he has his own plan? [00:02:24] Speaker A: You both got it wrong. Don't worry. [00:02:26] Speaker D: Demons leap. Demons leap. [00:02:31] Speaker C: I was totally wrong. [00:02:32] Speaker D: I'm going to write it down again. [00:02:34] Speaker C: Even after I said it 100 times during the recap. [00:02:42] Speaker D: Yeah, maybe I should fly over there with my stupid, like, turning into a bat thing that I can do with his cloak. Strahd's cloak. God, I look like such a dope transient, is what will says. [00:03:02] Speaker F: I think that's a good idea, Will. I think that you would be a good, advanced stage manager, so to speak. That's what we had with the soykist. So that he would always go ahead a day ahead of us and make sure that the town, village, or whatever was ready. And also that we knew what we were dealing with. [00:03:21] Speaker C: You can bring a roll of tape. You can put down the. Yeah, we don't go in. [00:03:27] Speaker D: See, will understands all this. Will, every time Roscoe talks about his circus stuff, will is in his head. Like. Yes, like, I completely get this because it is what I do, too, just not in the same way. [00:03:42] Speaker C: Just string a net down on the beach to catch us. [00:03:46] Speaker D: Yeah. [00:03:47] Speaker C: Trampoline. [00:03:48] Speaker D: Yeah. Okay, I guess I'll fly over there and do. Should I just do that? [00:03:51] Speaker A: I don't know. [00:03:52] Speaker D: I'll do it before dawn or something when it's really dark. Okay. So I can run into whatever's going to eat us over there first. You're welcome. For my sacrifice. Everyone, nobody's denying it. Everyone knows I'm going to get eaten by something. What is it? What is it? Tell me what it is, clockface. Raw. Yeah, the raw monster. [00:04:19] Speaker B: Demons raw. [00:04:21] Speaker C: Didn't that club say something about ghosts on the beach? [00:04:27] Speaker D: The ghost in a fountain? The booby ghost. There were also goobies. [00:04:33] Speaker A: There were rumors of specters by the gazebo on the beach. By the gazebo. That's not by demon. [00:04:40] Speaker C: There are specters. Oh, it's not? [00:04:42] Speaker A: Okay. [00:04:43] Speaker C: All right. Demons leap has its own special. [00:04:45] Speaker A: The gazebo is, like, right by the river. [00:04:47] Speaker C: Don't know about yet. [00:04:48] Speaker A: Okay. [00:04:49] Speaker F: Hey, clockface. [00:04:51] Speaker A: Ra. [00:04:52] Speaker F: How do you like your sushi? [00:04:54] Speaker A: Ra. [00:04:58] Speaker D: Nice. [00:04:59] Speaker A: He crosses his arms, shakes his head. Ra. [00:05:06] Speaker C: All right, who's your favorite egyptian God? [00:05:10] Speaker A: Isis. [00:05:15] Speaker D: Not that one. Yeah, oh, sures. And Isis, yes, okay, yeah. [00:05:22] Speaker E: Isis rebranded, though. [00:05:26] Speaker A: I maybe think I was remembering it wrong. So will's going to go fly up to demons peak and do some demons leap. [00:05:38] Speaker B: Come on, Eric, that's every single time you've gotten it wrong. Not hard. [00:05:48] Speaker A: The rumors are going to spread about this fight. They were at lemons leap. [00:05:57] Speaker D: The lemon squeeze. [00:06:03] Speaker A: What about the rest of you are just kind of just chilling out, waiting. Anything else you want to do, you don't have to have anything to do. It's all good. [00:06:13] Speaker E: Roscoe will return his gaze to the fire, and he's, like, kind of humming. [00:06:20] Speaker F: A nice melody to himself. [00:06:24] Speaker E: Yeah, but don't ask me to make. [00:06:27] Speaker F: I don't have it. [00:06:28] Speaker D: I don't know what melody is. [00:06:29] Speaker A: That's okay. Is it uplifting? Is it morose? [00:06:35] Speaker E: No, it's pretty, but it flits between kind of fun, upbeat and lower energy. [00:06:48] Speaker F: Kind of like ballet kind of tunes. [00:06:54] Speaker A: Cool. Cool. [00:06:56] Speaker C: I think Batweck might go back to. [00:07:00] Speaker A: The bar, to old Rondell, get another beer. [00:07:03] Speaker C: Yeah, maybe. On my way. On my way. But no. I was thinking of seeing if I can find a place that would sell me some basic tools and materials that I can use to start crafting a new chain link necklace. I think it'll take me a while. Cool. I'm not going to have a forge or anything like that. Bend things and carve at them. [00:07:39] Speaker A: Okay. Yeah. You can find a set of jewelry making tools and some supplies. Let's see what that would cost you. [00:07:52] Speaker C: Let's see if I have enough money. [00:07:54] Speaker A: Jewelers tools. So a good set of jewelers tools is gonna. Is gonna set you back 25 gold. [00:08:03] Speaker D: Hmm. Will, am I there? Am I. Am I a bat? Am I flying away? What's happening? [00:08:13] Speaker A: I don't know. We've got all night. I'm just trying to. [00:08:17] Speaker D: Okay. [00:08:17] Speaker A: I don't want to. Can I through all of this? [00:08:20] Speaker C: Can I have a ten gold piece advance? I need to get some equipment. [00:08:27] Speaker D: What equipment? [00:08:30] Speaker C: Well, thinking will is probably pragmatic. I need to make a new holy symbol so that I can cast spells. [00:08:45] Speaker D: The chain. You needed that to cast spells? [00:08:49] Speaker C: Well, I've been feeling different since I gave it away. I'm a little concerned it might bathwack you. [00:08:56] Speaker D: Let me just give the chain away. Bathwack? Yeah. Let's get you some fucking. What do you need? Yeah, let's do this whole plan with Bathwack. With no magic, I'm going to kick your dumb ass, like, in the fight. That will be what happens. Sure. Let's go. Yes. Here. What do you need? And he just. [00:09:18] Speaker C: I just need ten gold pieces, that's all. [00:09:21] Speaker D: Taking it out of my money. [00:09:24] Speaker C: Oh, good. That's the only time will's ever been like, yeah, take my money. [00:09:31] Speaker D: Will's so distractedly, like, thinking of moves to do and stuff and ways he can use the spells that he knows he has that. He's like, when he hears this, he's like, what? You don't even have a script at all. You don't even know what you're doing. [00:09:49] Speaker C: Bathok hasn't tried to cast all his spells recently, so I'm going to say he's not totally clear what the effect is, but he can definitely feel something's different. [00:09:57] Speaker D: Oh, my God. That's insane. Bathwack, how fast can you make a stupid chain or whatever? What do you need to make? What is it? What are we going to do? [00:10:08] Speaker C: I think it'll take me a while. [00:10:11] Speaker D: Bathwack. What's a while? [00:10:16] Speaker A: Clockface steps up, pats you on the hip. Bathwack looks up at you, Will, and gives the okay symbol with his hand. [00:10:26] Speaker C: Clockface is going to help me, I guess. [00:10:29] Speaker D: Okay. What does that mean? Cuts the time in half to, what, 400 hours? I have no idea how long. I don't know either. Whatever you're making. Are you making. [00:10:37] Speaker C: I have no idea. [00:10:38] Speaker D: Is that what. [00:10:39] Speaker C: You have no idea? [00:10:40] Speaker D: You have no idea? Guys. [00:10:50] Speaker C: Anyway, this is good because this is what's actually happening. But I think, mechanically, anything with a material component, you need this. I can't. That's. Anyway. But. But, yeah, it's good to freak out because we don't actually. Bathwag's not sure. [00:11:09] Speaker D: Yeah, well, will would be like micromanaging. Bathwack, probably. Jeez. Be like, what are we getting? What are you getting? Okay. Is that the best one? Okay. All right. [00:11:19] Speaker C: I guess will is coming out with me. We're going shopping. [00:11:22] Speaker A: You got time? [00:11:24] Speaker D: Do I have time to get to devil's? [00:11:26] Speaker A: It's a mile away. You have all night. All right, that's fine. You don't sleep. [00:11:30] Speaker C: So will gave me ten gold, and then he went out and just bought me the jeweler skid. [00:11:33] Speaker D: Right. Well, I look at the one that it was like, whatever you said it was, and then I'm like, no, you need that one, the more expensive one. Just trying to get you the stuff. [00:11:43] Speaker A: I also would say that you'd probably have time to kind of experiment with the weirdness you're feeling, and you would probably be able to figure out the mechanical difference. And so if you wanted to spend some time to try to acquire some of the material components you might need, you could also do that. [00:12:00] Speaker C: I could do that. I'll have to look through and write it down, if will. [00:12:04] Speaker A: Yeah. I think a fully functional, holy symbol is not something that's made in a night. [00:12:11] Speaker C: Yeah, agreed. It's something that's made probably in months anyway. Yeah. Okay. I'll put together a shopping list, and I'll send will the bill. [00:12:26] Speaker D: I love the idea of knowing what the heck he's starting to do, though. [00:12:30] Speaker A: Yeah. [00:12:30] Speaker D: Love it. [00:12:31] Speaker A: And I'll also point this out. [00:12:33] Speaker D: It's so Bruce Campbell, evil dead army of darkness. For somebody to be like, I got to build an arm overnight. He's got to build a holy symbol overnight. I want to know what happened. [00:12:42] Speaker A: He'll try pictures, see what it does. [00:12:45] Speaker D: Sweaty arm muscle, like, and then, like, little clock faces, like, they're just making some kind of thing together. [00:12:54] Speaker A: I'll also point out, you would probably remember this, that you've been given a stack of vouchers. Basically. [00:13:03] Speaker D: That's true. [00:13:03] Speaker A: To spend money here in Trent. [00:13:05] Speaker D: Yeah, that's just spending money. Anyway. Yeah, we do have a ton of. Yeah. [00:13:11] Speaker B: Oh, here's one for a holy symbol. [00:13:12] Speaker D: Unless they keep track of it. Oh, man. They probably keep track of it anyway. Like, if they file that information somewhere. I don't know. This captain is weird. You guys fell in love with Rafina immediately. [00:13:25] Speaker A: Mommy. No, I did. [00:13:28] Speaker D: So cute. What didn't? [00:13:32] Speaker A: All of you. [00:13:36] Speaker D: It's a different. Yeah. Yeah. [00:13:40] Speaker A: Do you want to be in charge of the raws, Rafina? I feel like you do. [00:13:44] Speaker B: I've got it. [00:13:45] Speaker D: I've got the raws. [00:13:48] Speaker B: They're little punctuation marks. [00:13:50] Speaker A: Yeah. [00:13:51] Speaker D: All right. [00:13:51] Speaker A: So, yeah, you help Bathwack acquire his stuff. [00:13:55] Speaker B: Rafino is going to clean out the terrarium. [00:13:58] Speaker A: Oh, okay. [00:13:59] Speaker B: Just in case we need to build a little graveyard somewhere when Bathwack dies. Like a little graveyard in the terrarium. In the model of Tivoli. So that we have a place to put. [00:14:18] Speaker C: So should I. It's really fine if I just make a list of what I need and then. [00:14:23] Speaker A: Yeah, I'll tell you if anything's unobtainable. But I'm assuming, aside from, like, we've talked about, a diamond, most of it's probably going to be achievable. [00:14:34] Speaker C: Holy water, powdered silver, other stuff. A mirror. Holy water. Yeah, stuff like that. Parchment with a bit of holy text. [00:14:48] Speaker A: Yeah. [00:14:49] Speaker D: Whoa. Just, like, tear it up. Go find a Bible and start tearing it up. [00:14:53] Speaker C: Yeah. [00:14:54] Speaker D: Weird. Like, just a piece of. [00:14:57] Speaker C: I just put a bunch of it in my cheeks. Good to go. [00:15:01] Speaker A: Chipmunk it all. [00:15:04] Speaker D: Chipmunk it all. That's an awesome phrase. [00:15:07] Speaker A: All right, so you go. At some point in the night, you go and check out demons leap. So it's as described. It's two corn cobs sticking out of the ground. Six inches tall each. No, it's two granite protrusions jutting up into the air. They come to a relatively sharp point. So there's not, like, a big surface on the top? You were talking about standing on the top. I mean, if you were flying, you could maybe kind of balance yourself up there. But it would be tough to do so without magical means. The space between them is maybe, I'd say 10ft between the two. Like, in the inside of the two, they go up. Maybe trying to picture, like, 20ft or so. [00:16:05] Speaker D: The protrusions? [00:16:06] Speaker A: Yeah. [00:16:06] Speaker D: Okay. [00:16:07] Speaker A: And end in these 20. It's probably more than that. I'm going to say 40, 40ft up. [00:16:12] Speaker D: Okay. Do they curve at all? [00:16:15] Speaker A: So the inside is pretty. Rather sheer and then the outsides kind of slope down a little bit. [00:16:22] Speaker D: The outside. [00:16:24] Speaker A: So the inside is where you would stand. So they're like right triangles shaped kind of. [00:16:32] Speaker B: Okay, so they have a broad base. [00:16:34] Speaker D: They have a broad base. [00:16:37] Speaker A: Let me draw it real quick and I'll share it with you to make sure that everybody's on the same page. Just very quick sketch. [00:16:50] Speaker D: I like the sound effect. [00:16:54] Speaker A: I'm not even going to share. I'm just going to show you. This is the picture. [00:17:00] Speaker D: Does it look carved? Because. Show that to everybody. It looks very precise. [00:17:04] Speaker B: We can't see. It's a blank. When you turn it back a little bit. [00:17:08] Speaker D: Yeah. [00:17:08] Speaker B: When you turn it sideways, we can almost see it. [00:17:10] Speaker D: Can you? [00:17:14] Speaker B: What's the curve between the base? [00:17:16] Speaker A: It's not really anything. It's just showing. That's, like, where you could potentially stand. [00:17:21] Speaker D: Okay. [00:17:21] Speaker A: So they're like sail shapes, kind of. [00:17:23] Speaker C: And that's up at the top of the peak. [00:17:26] Speaker A: Well, it's just like the road is literally, like, right there. [00:17:32] Speaker D: Oh, it goes by it. [00:17:33] Speaker A: Yeah. And then where I just put a dot, that's like where empty space is and you could fall down to the ocean below. [00:17:44] Speaker C: Got it. I see. [00:17:46] Speaker D: Okay, so the ocean is over there. [00:17:48] Speaker A: Yeah, exactly. Right under the dot is like a cliff edge. [00:17:52] Speaker D: All right. Interesting. That is not what I pictured at all. I'm glad you said that because that is not what I pictured. Cool. [00:17:56] Speaker B: I thought they were more like horns. [00:17:58] Speaker A: They are horns. [00:17:59] Speaker B: Devil. Demon horns. [00:18:02] Speaker D: For me, I just didn't picture that there was water off the edge over there. [00:18:07] Speaker A: Well, it's down. [00:18:09] Speaker B: I thought they'd be curved. [00:18:11] Speaker F: It's a cliff. [00:18:12] Speaker A: Yeah, it's a cliff. So you could see the water past. But it's down below. It's like hundreds of feet down. [00:18:19] Speaker D: I think I was confusing our plan about the waterfall in Gully's end, and I pictured a waterfall here for some reason. [00:18:25] Speaker A: No waterfall. There's no water up. [00:18:27] Speaker D: Okay. Okay. [00:18:28] Speaker A: The water's down at the bottom. [00:18:30] Speaker D: Okay. [00:18:30] Speaker B: I was thinking they were somehow more like. [00:18:34] Speaker D: Than like animal horns. Like how they're usually. Those are like Batman ears. Yeah. Nobody in this village has heard of Batman, so we can't blame them. But that's Batman ears, so it should be called. [00:18:49] Speaker B: To remember. Yeah. Maybe not quite as long so that they'd be structurally sound. No one's going to be afraid of that. That's going to break right off. [00:18:58] Speaker D: So I see that. I see the road. Does it look like a well traveled road? Is this the road we would have been on? [00:19:03] Speaker A: No, you have not been on this road. You came in from the other side of town. [00:19:07] Speaker D: Okay, so if you look at the map in roll 20, what is between us and the town? [00:19:13] Speaker A: The road is kind of open. It's kind of like it goes up this. It's rising because this is at the top of a cliff. Trent is at sea level. [00:19:21] Speaker D: Okay. [00:19:22] Speaker A: So it's like kind of this switchbacky kind of road that goes up for a mile up to the top. [00:19:29] Speaker D: No. Like trees or anything to obstruct. [00:19:31] Speaker A: Not between here and there. Yeah, it's kind of open. It's like. [00:19:34] Speaker D: Oh, man. [00:19:34] Speaker A: We need to picture, like, british cliffs with just, like, grasslands. [00:19:38] Speaker D: Yeah. Oh, man. Okay. [00:19:41] Speaker A: You don't see anything spoopy or glowing? [00:19:46] Speaker D: Yeah, but I didn't roll any checks, so I want to roll some checks, but I don't want to land in between the horns. Can I just, like, go, man? Yeah. I just got to scout it out. This is definitely important. I'm going to land next to or land, like, 20ft away from one of the horns. Say the left horn, kind of to the side of the horn, not like on the road. Okay. And then I want to approach the horn and feel, as I'm approaching it, whether I feel any sort of weird energy. Arcane, whatever. [00:20:21] Speaker A: Arcana. Check. [00:20:23] Speaker B: Okay. [00:20:24] Speaker D: Boop. [00:20:28] Speaker A: 15. [00:20:29] Speaker D: Yeah. [00:20:30] Speaker A: You do not feel any weird energy. [00:20:34] Speaker D: If I touch the stone, do I feel anything from the granite protrusion? [00:20:42] Speaker A: It feels like stone. You don't feel weird up here? Like, it doesn't feel. [00:20:51] Speaker D: I don't feel weird. [00:20:52] Speaker A: No. [00:20:53] Speaker D: That's weird. [00:20:54] Speaker A: No, it's a little quiet. [00:21:00] Speaker D: Yeah. It's weird for will to be alone on a cliff and not feel weird about that. [00:21:06] Speaker A: You're not up there brooding. You mean looking out over the sea? [00:21:10] Speaker D: He's not really. [00:21:11] Speaker A: With a furrowed brow, hands clasped behind your back, contemplating your life. That is weird. [00:21:18] Speaker D: Yeah. I feel like I should be doing that, but I'm not. I'm investigating. My God. I'm going to cast. Well, wait, so if I did this, can people see me then? But it's dark. [00:21:35] Speaker A: Can I assume that you went late? Right. [00:21:38] Speaker D: Okay. [00:21:38] Speaker A: You have all night. [00:21:39] Speaker D: Is this stupid? Would anyone have told me not to land as a human there or anything? I don't want to mess up. [00:21:46] Speaker A: No one around. You could wait. It's fine. The road is not like a thoroughfare. It's not busy at three in the morning. [00:21:55] Speaker D: People can see us. I'm just at this point. No, it's dark. [00:21:58] Speaker A: You wouldn't be able to see up there. There's no lights. Suddenly realize there's no torches or anything. [00:22:06] Speaker D: Okay. I'm thinking of casting unseen servant and letting my unseen servant walk into the center of this thing to see if that does it. [00:22:18] Speaker A: Sick bastard. [00:22:20] Speaker D: It's just an unseen servant. [00:22:23] Speaker A: You send clock face in there. [00:22:25] Speaker D: Yeah, he's just an unluggage. He's just a luggage servant. I don't know what you need. [00:22:31] Speaker A: I don't think there's a role. You just spend your spell slot. [00:22:35] Speaker D: Do it. And he. Yes. [00:22:36] Speaker A: Okay. Yeah. You send your unseen servant into the space between the horns. Nothing happens. [00:22:49] Speaker D: Do I feel like if I tell it to come back, it'll still hear me? Or can I tell it to come back? And does it come back? Can I feel it? Can I command it to touch my leg? [00:22:59] Speaker A: Yeah, you know where it is? You have control of your own magic. That'd be so funny if you cast unseen servant and you have to kind of guess where it is. [00:23:10] Speaker D: Yeah, where are you? Can't see you either. Okay. I feel like I don't know what else dramatic to do, but yeah, I just tried to roll a few rolls and sniff the air and just feel like, what is the deal? Your perception rolls normal, even though my investigation is way better. My perception sucks that I investigate the granite pillar. [00:23:37] Speaker A: Sure. That's a ten. [00:23:39] Speaker D: All right, well, I'm dumb. [00:23:41] Speaker A: You don't see anything. [00:23:46] Speaker D: Yeah. Okay. [00:23:46] Speaker A: Then I seems like a unique rock formation that people would make up stories about. [00:23:51] Speaker D: Then I'll fly. Like, I'll use my boots, but I'll take a circumvent. I don't want anyone to see me, like, coming in to town unless I can. I'll just disguise myself as somebody else. Just some other boring towns person walking around. That's somebody I've seen and walk around. And then I'll change back into Maurice Ballet and get over to the hotel. Just trying. Not if you want me to roll. Anything to roll for. Nobody following me or noticing you're fine. Eric's like, nobody gives a shit about your plan. Will, shut up. [00:24:23] Speaker A: They're all asleep. [00:24:25] Speaker D: I'm like, there's nobody in town making that sound. [00:24:32] Speaker A: Yeah, you're back at the hotel. You're all back at the hotel. [00:24:35] Speaker B: Hey, Will. So you're back in the room now or in your room. [00:24:40] Speaker D: I would tell everybody. Yeah, if anyone is gathered anywhere or everyone's separate, I have no idea. [00:24:47] Speaker A: You have message. [00:24:47] Speaker D: Who's the first person? Oh, just. [00:24:49] Speaker A: I don't know. Is Roscoe still staring at the fire? [00:24:52] Speaker E: Yeah, Roscoe's still down there? [00:24:54] Speaker A: Yeah. The first person you see is Roscoe. [00:24:56] Speaker D: Well, then I would go over and say I flew over and checked it out. It seems like a place. I couldn't feel anything weird about it. It felt like a totally normal, dumb country place. [00:25:11] Speaker F: Maybe the stories are just urban myths and legends. There's nothing about these horns after all. But probably better safe than sorry, right? [00:25:27] Speaker D: Yeah, that's what I think. That's why I'm still worried. But we'll figure it out, I guess. Or I'll be dead in the morning. [00:25:40] Speaker B: As you're talking, Rafina comes into the lobby. Oh, Will, there you are. I was hoping you could tell me where in Tivoli there is a good place for a cemetery. Or is there one already? Like I need a little model of one. [00:25:54] Speaker D: There's definitely a cemetery in Tivoli. You want me to point out in the terrarium where it would be? [00:26:03] Speaker B: Yeah, I wanted you to come back to my room and show me where in the terrarium. I guess I could have brought it. And I try whistling for it to see if it will come on its little leg. [00:26:13] Speaker A: Of course it does, Abby. [00:26:16] Speaker B: We hear the door opening and closing. And we hear it coming down the stairs. [00:26:20] Speaker A: First you hear the toilet flush, and then you hear the door opening and closing. [00:26:25] Speaker D: Oh, my gosh. Perfect. [00:26:28] Speaker B: Oh, no. [00:26:28] Speaker D: It flushed. The scorpion. [00:26:32] Speaker B: Just kidding. So where would it be? Because I just feel like we need to make room in case anything adverse happens. [00:26:43] Speaker D: He points. There's probably, like a big one in one place, and then there's, like, a couple of small ones behind. Whatever. There's probably some church of Zolbertia where there might be some other small, more important cemetery. You know what I mean? For important people. [00:26:59] Speaker A: Who's in it? [00:27:00] Speaker D: Just me. For my future grave. [00:27:04] Speaker B: Already spot your plot? Yes, just me. Your plot is pre marked. [00:27:08] Speaker D: Grave is all alone in a cemetery, Ebenezer. [00:27:14] Speaker A: Yeah, that's my. I paid a lot of money for that. That better be there. [00:27:25] Speaker D: Oh, my God. Because it's a pretty big city. I'm not a city planner, but I feel like there'd be probably big one and then, like, a small one behind and. Yeah, there's only, like, houses of verdict there. [00:27:40] Speaker B: Okay, thank you. [00:27:42] Speaker D: Yeah. Why? [00:27:43] Speaker B: Hopefully nothing happens. [00:27:44] Speaker D: What do you mean? [00:27:45] Speaker B: Well, in case Bathwag actually does, we need to have a way to carry him around until we get him resurrected in the terrarium. [00:27:52] Speaker D: Well, how else. Oh, my God. Like, how small do you think he's going to be? Is he going to be incinerated? Can we revive him if he's. I mean, I guess I'm the one in charge of that. Unless he disappears and falls off the cliff. Yeah, sure. I'll try not to let that happen. [00:28:09] Speaker B: I mean, I could always put him into the tiny. [00:28:18] Speaker D: You're. Rafina, what are you doing? Am I going to fight you, too? We were planning on that, right? [00:28:25] Speaker B: Roscoe told me I'm supposed to say, oh, no, my friends, oh, no. And being distressed and cause a. That. Isn't that right? Did I understand that correctly? [00:28:37] Speaker F: That was one potential formulation of the plan. But also another formulation was that you were supposed to be maybe up near or under demons leaps. [00:28:52] Speaker B: Yeah, I have to catch him. [00:28:53] Speaker F: So that you could be a healer. [00:28:58] Speaker D: That verifies that he can't come back in some way or something. [00:29:02] Speaker F: And then you would be the one presenting mournfully the ashes remains of bathwack. [00:29:11] Speaker D: Yeah, it makes sense. Because also, why would Bathwack be fighting a fight by himself? Like, I won't be, like, so already that's one party member. Not mean we have to have a plan for why people aren't together. Like, why we aren't together. I don't know. Maybe we're all just shopping and, like. Roscoe, you're going to be getting people to look, right? That's your thing. [00:29:38] Speaker B: Do you think we're going to be interviewed by the constabulary afterward or something? Do we really need to have these stories sewn up and straight? Should we rehearse them all night? [00:29:49] Speaker D: We do need stories. Because I doubt that you will come up with the perfect story, and I will come up with the perfect story separately at different places. If people ask us different questions, it's just good to have all the information. [00:30:03] Speaker B: Let's get Shimi to ask us some questions. [00:30:06] Speaker A: Shimi's asleep. [00:30:07] Speaker D: Wait, you just said. [00:30:08] Speaker A: Yeah, I know. I should know. [00:30:10] Speaker D: Dang. [00:30:10] Speaker A: Okay, it's the middle of the night. [00:30:12] Speaker D: Okay. [00:30:12] Speaker A: Shimi and Mo are maybe. [00:30:14] Speaker D: Okay. [00:30:14] Speaker B: Oh, no. [00:30:17] Speaker D: Well, we can. I'm sure whatever you want to. What's your idea? They'll agree. Whatever it is. [00:30:22] Speaker B: Well, I'm just wondering, like, I want us to practice. We need some scenarios. Who can give us some scenarios? Clockface. Do you have any other syllables? [00:30:34] Speaker F: Ra. [00:30:35] Speaker B: Okay. [00:30:35] Speaker D: No. [00:30:38] Speaker B: And Bernard is not here. He's being a hero. All right, well, I guess we'll just have to try it. So, will, pretend that you're asking me a question. [00:30:51] Speaker D: As a constabulary, are we trying to make sure? Because, remember, the most important line is that Vathrok, is it just. Yeah, right. [00:31:05] Speaker B: I'm good on. [00:31:10] Speaker D: The other things. [00:31:12] Speaker B: If the constabulary asks me if Bathwack is not dead, I do not say no. [00:31:20] Speaker D: Oh, no. I'm already lost. [00:31:27] Speaker B: Okay, but what if they ask what we were doing? We were just saying, what are we all doing? [00:31:34] Speaker F: Right. Here's an idea for the blocking of this whole thing, because we do have to have it sort of unfold. [00:31:43] Speaker B: Choreographed. [00:31:45] Speaker F: Be choreographed. Yes. So the beginning point of the choreography, I think, is that Patweck and Ravina and myself are having a drink in the tavern. And maybe we're even saying to ourselves, something like, that's a good thing. Will has diarrhea right now, because we get a chance to hang out without him or something. [00:32:21] Speaker A: Will glares story. [00:32:26] Speaker F: And that is when Will, who has been disguised as somebody else 10ft away, having a trick of his own, says loudly, something insulting, perhaps something about Chloe the ferret. Maybe Chloe the ferret? More like blow me the ferret. Or something like that. Something offensive. [00:32:53] Speaker D: The fair. [00:32:53] Speaker B: But no, I'm not very good at this. [00:32:56] Speaker F: Sure. Maybe we can come up with a list of different options. [00:33:00] Speaker E: Alts. We call them alts in the alts. [00:33:07] Speaker F: And Bathwack will grow increasingly annoyed by this guy. And whatever he's saying, there will be some kind of foible confrontation in the tavern, where Bathwack insists that this stranger. Calm down, stop saying insulting things about either Chloe or about his friends, what have you, and it'll just escalate from there. And what it has to escalate to is a chase has to fall out of the tavern, out into the streets. And then Bathwack needs to be so incensed. Maybe an insult against Eldaf, perhaps. Or maybe something making fun of his family. Something like that. Something bad. [00:34:06] Speaker D: Chase happens. [00:34:07] Speaker F: The chase goes around the clock, through the market street, with Rafina chasing after Bathwhack, who's chasing after the stranger. And I will be chasing after Rafina, but I will get distracted by, presumably, a mustard stand. That'll be my excuse for not being part of the fight. And I think that tracks with everything. [00:34:34] Speaker E: Everybody knows about me. [00:34:37] Speaker F: And so I'll get distracted by that. But then when you guys are climbing up, getting up to Damon's leap, whether you're climbing up by foot or flying or whatever, we'll figure out the specifics. But then that's when I start being like, oh, damn it. What was me and my mustard obsession? Look at my friends. They are in danger, and I would hype it up. And that's. Well, everyone will walk up and see the stranger kill bathwack. I. E. Send him toppling over the cliff, either with or without his flying boots, depending on whether the flying boots have know outed as such over the course of this performance. And Rafina will enmoy shortly after that with the fake bathwhack remains. Yeah. Keening. Keening. Keen. Yeah. [00:35:51] Speaker D: It. [00:35:54] Speaker A: That needs to be on my soundboard. [00:35:58] Speaker F: So when the castabulary asks us questions, we will answer based on the truth of what happened, which is whatever happens and what we see happen. [00:36:11] Speaker B: But where do I get the remains? Oh, sorry. [00:36:13] Speaker D: No, it's okay. The only thing I would suggest is that we should involve some peril to the citizens in some way, because then they're going to be more invested and, like, Bathwack more. Again, we want them to tell this story because they care about Bathwack or whatever. I think that that's the way to go. You want to pull heartstrings? People think Bathwack's the best. Like, what if I show up as a big scary whatever and am hurting some person? Not hurting, but know, holding them over a building, something like that. It's pretty dramatic, and it catches the eye, like, right away. And then he gets to defend the citizens, and they're all invested. Well, that's my only. [00:37:01] Speaker F: That everybody sees him as an orc, right? Or half orc. [00:37:06] Speaker D: I can't remember half orc or an orc. Half orc. What is half orc? [00:37:10] Speaker F: What has been your sense of their attitude? Or the version of Bathwack that they see? [00:37:17] Speaker D: It's more like they're just like, oh, is that nobody adores. I mean, no offense, Bathwack, but nobody's just fallen down excited. Some people are, but I think the more people we can get really excited about this, the better, because the more the story will spread. That's the whole point. [00:37:41] Speaker F: That's why I was thinking math wakes. [00:37:43] Speaker C: Up in his room, so you can't offend him. [00:37:45] Speaker D: Oh, you're not even there. [00:37:46] Speaker A: He's working. [00:37:47] Speaker D: Okay. I figured I would get sweaty muscles. [00:37:51] Speaker A: What? Sweat. [00:37:52] Speaker D: Sweaty muscles. You didn't hear my thing before? I saw, like, a montage of bathwax, like, pounding some metal with a big hammer, and then clockface is, like, hammering little nails in. [00:38:09] Speaker F: Well, that's why I thought maybe having the big public fight be about Chloe, the ferret that could get people invested. But maybe that's not enough. I don't know. [00:38:21] Speaker D: See, the thing is, when I have been trying to perceive people's thoughts around town about the ferret, like, not everyone really gets the ferret. Not everyone. And I don't really get the ferret. Do we get this ferret? You guys still. Rafina? I'm a little worried about this guy. We might have to tie him up once we get on the ship. [00:38:39] Speaker B: Cross that bridge. [00:38:42] Speaker D: We'll tie that guy up when we. [00:38:43] Speaker B: Come to him when we get there. But here's a question. Where am we? Where am I going to get the remains? Where will they be stashed? The fake remains? [00:38:57] Speaker D: Yeah, I guess that's what it is, right? [00:38:59] Speaker F: We're using, like, have them in your bag, probably. [00:39:04] Speaker D: Did we decide on me creating bones? Was that, what, so many weeks. We just need to write this plan down so we remember. [00:39:16] Speaker A: Yes. The last thing I remember, at least, was using the creation spell to make. [00:39:22] Speaker D: Bones so he falls off the cliff, but then he's bones. [00:39:26] Speaker A: It was talking about, like, incinerating him as he falls or something. [00:39:29] Speaker D: Done. We'll do it. [00:39:31] Speaker F: You have a spell like that, right? [00:39:33] Speaker D: I can do something like that. It's called incineration. I mean, it's called pretend incineration. [00:39:40] Speaker A: Bathwax. Not there. [00:39:42] Speaker D: I know. Who are you? I'm just reminding you everyone's asleep. [00:39:47] Speaker A: Mo's asleep. [00:39:48] Speaker D: Yeah, no, I'm good. [00:39:53] Speaker A: All right. Are you guys good? [00:39:57] Speaker D: I guess so. [00:39:58] Speaker A: Is it almost showtime? [00:39:59] Speaker D: I don't know. I hope that the dawn cracks the sky beforehand, because I need my spells refreshed. [00:40:04] Speaker A: It's all up to you guys. You're in control. You can go based around whatever dawn. [00:40:12] Speaker B: Crack you want light dawns on. [00:40:16] Speaker E: All I'll say is that Roscoe, at some point, is definitely, like, I don't know, everybody kind of goes to their rooms or whatever, but Roscoe will be, like, crying softly by the fireplace before he, I guess, heads up to his room. [00:40:33] Speaker F: We don't sleep, so what's the point, right? [00:40:36] Speaker D: I know will's not sleeping. He is planning. He's, like, trying to think of imagery and stuff and ways to cast. [00:40:42] Speaker A: You want to tell us why Roscoe's crying or not? [00:40:46] Speaker F: Tell who? [00:40:48] Speaker A: The listeners and the players or not. I don't mean in character. It's good either way. If you want to leave that vague, I'm cool with that. Is it not supposed to be vague? And I'm a dollar right now. That also might be possible. [00:41:07] Speaker D: Would anyone be able to discover you crying softly by the fireplace. Maybe Rafina. She likes to intrude. [00:41:15] Speaker B: Yes, she does. [00:41:17] Speaker A: You can't sleep. [00:41:19] Speaker E: It's up to you guys. [00:41:21] Speaker A: He's putting it out there. [00:41:25] Speaker D: Will pushes you out of his room at one point. Like, get out of here, Rafina. I'm rehearsing. Slam. And then he's. And then he opens it. He's like, I'm sorry. And then he closes the door again. [00:41:34] Speaker A: Okay. [00:41:35] Speaker B: And Rafina goes back to the lobby to get a packet of hot cocoa. [00:41:40] Speaker A: Sure. [00:41:42] Speaker B: And there is Roscoe. Roscoe, why aren't you going to your. [00:41:49] Speaker E: And he wipes some tears from his eyes. [00:41:52] Speaker B: Are you crying? [00:41:57] Speaker F: I got some mustard in my eyes. [00:42:00] Speaker B: I don't believe that for a second. Do I have to roll something? [00:42:06] Speaker E: I don't think he's actually trying to make. [00:42:10] Speaker D: Let me get it out. [00:42:15] Speaker A: Sprayer. [00:42:18] Speaker D: Roscoe has a counter move to that, I'm sure, from the Soykist. [00:42:22] Speaker A: No, you don't have to roll anything. He's not actually trying to trick you. [00:42:25] Speaker B: Okay, well, Roscoe, what's happening? What is it that you need right now? [00:42:33] Speaker F: I don't think I need anything. I think I'm just remembering things. I don't know. The last time that I helped a choreograph a performance was long time ago. And it was with Tanya. It's taken me see? [00:43:02] Speaker B: I see. That makes a lot of sense. And Rafina goes and gives his shoulder a little pat pat. And she says, would it help if we added some comedy into the performance? [00:43:24] Speaker F: Well, Rafina, I don't know if it would help the plan. [00:43:30] Speaker B: I meant, would it help your spirits or. I also don't want to make it sound like this is a problem to be solved. You're allowed to be sad and enjoy those memories. And be sad about those memories. Right, but it's also fun to laugh at the same time if you have the space for it. [00:43:51] Speaker F: Yeah, I know that. I know that's what the performance was all about, actually. It had both laughter and tears. [00:44:04] Speaker B: Can you tell me about Tanya? What did she do in the act? Was she a tightrope walker? [00:44:12] Speaker F: No, she was just a dancer. I'm just a dancer. She was the best dancer you ever seen. [00:44:20] Speaker B: She danced? [00:44:22] Speaker F: Yeah. There would be two lights. I'd be under one, and she'd be under the other, and the act would start with me. She's dressed up as a clown. Baggy pants, red nose, colorful shint, silly hat. No, this hat, actually the same head. And I'd juggle and I'd make jokes to the audience. And then the light over Tanya would come up, and I would see her, and she would be dancing this beautiful dance. And my laughter and my jokeiness with the audience would turn slowly to awestruck tears as I watched Tanya dance. [00:45:24] Speaker B: How lovely she was. [00:45:28] Speaker F: She was very lovely. And so me, I would walk over there, the light would follow me, and I'd make a big show out of it. I would strap and be all manly, and I would start trying to impress her with my muscles and doing little dance moves of my own, but she just totally ignored me. But then I would start sort of leaning into my bad dancing, and I would sort of do little prat falls and fall over and collapse, and in funny ways, as you do in the soykas. And that's when she started gradually noticing me and giggling. And the more she would giggle, the more I would be in awe of her, because she would keep on dancing. She would keep on dancing. She would carry those giggles at me into her dance, and I would just keep on crying big crocodile tears, and I would turn those into falls. Until eventually our lights became one. They combined, and we were in each other's swiggles. And her dancing and giggling and my falling in tears just combined into pure grace. [00:47:07] Speaker B: And people paid to see this. [00:47:16] Speaker D: What's that from? [00:47:18] Speaker A: That wasn't me. [00:47:22] Speaker E: Oh, my God. [00:47:23] Speaker D: Discord has. [00:47:26] Speaker E: That's amazing. [00:47:27] Speaker B: No, Rafina was just. Josh. [00:47:32] Speaker F: That'S a good one, Rafina. That's a good one. [00:47:36] Speaker B: Well, I'm not much of a dancer, but I can tap dance a little bit. Rafina starts moving her feet really fast, but she has leather shoes on, so you can't hear anything as she tap dances. But her feet are moving so fast. They're going very fast. And at one point, she stops and says, ow. Man, I hate it when that happens. They get so hot that I start to burn the soles of my feet. [00:48:05] Speaker F: Wow. [00:48:06] Speaker B: And then she does a little pirouette and bows. [00:48:09] Speaker D: Tada. [00:48:12] Speaker F: Yeah. Six out of ten. [00:48:17] Speaker D: Yay. [00:48:23] Speaker B: Well, Roscoe, I hope that you find Tanya again. [00:48:30] Speaker F: Thanks. I don't know. It's been so long, she probably doesn't even remember me. [00:48:39] Speaker B: Oh, I'm sure she remembers someone who danced with her and made her giggle like that. [00:48:45] Speaker F: Maybe. Hey, do you want to hear my alts? [00:48:52] Speaker B: Yes. [00:48:53] Speaker F: All right, how about this? We can get these to will later. Chloe deferret. More like toe flea. Deferret. Chloe deferret. More like chloe de hair zit. [00:49:11] Speaker D: I like that. [00:49:12] Speaker B: Seven out of ten. [00:49:13] Speaker F: Chloe deferret. More like Chloe de bear shit. [00:49:16] Speaker B: Oh, yeah, that's good. That's good. Like, seven and a half out of ten. [00:49:24] Speaker F: Those words are tough to rhyme with. [00:49:26] Speaker D: Yeah. [00:49:29] Speaker B: You tried Joey the mareschmidt? No, I can't do it. [00:49:38] Speaker C: This is when, like, then we get buster from arrested valve. He's like Chloe the ferret. [00:49:43] Speaker D: More like beep, beep. [00:49:51] Speaker F: Well, thanks for tapping me on the shoulder and patting me on the shoulder and showing me a tap dance, being sweet, rafina. [00:50:04] Speaker B: Oh, you're welcome. I hope that you have a good rest of your evening. [00:50:10] Speaker F: Likewise. Okay, bye. [00:50:13] Speaker D: Yep. [00:50:14] Speaker A: And they do. [00:50:18] Speaker B: Happily ever after. [00:50:21] Speaker A: And then it's the morning of. It's showtime. You guys mornings here. [00:50:28] Speaker E: All right. Roscoe has written down those lines and given them to Will, so he has those as options. Roscoe's being, you know, the coach in a boxing movie. Like, he's got a, like, trying to pep you up. As we get ready to go over. [00:50:54] Speaker D: To the tavern and stuff, will smells the towel. This towel? Why do you have a towel? Is this a hotel towel? I hope I see mustard on it. It's definitely not the hotel towel. [00:51:08] Speaker A: So is everybody starting in the tavern? Is that the idea? Is that what you're going to do, Will? [00:51:16] Speaker E: Maybe we start there and then will walk. [00:51:20] Speaker D: I think I shouldn't be there anyway, right? Yeah. [00:51:24] Speaker A: Okay. [00:51:25] Speaker D: And the only thing that I worry about is that this is not in character at all, but it's just a perfectionist. I'm like, hopefully nobody questions the fact that this other person who is always with stupid bathwack valet person is not there. I wish there was, like, somebody we could disguise as that or something. [00:51:46] Speaker A: Mo. [00:51:50] Speaker D: Is there something about magic? Like, when the day ends or something? Like, does a spell just end? Like, could I cast it on one of them to kind of look like Valencio, maybe? [00:51:59] Speaker A: Cast what? [00:52:01] Speaker D: A spell? Yeah, I think it would be semen. [00:52:04] Speaker A: Your spells don't end. [00:52:07] Speaker E: That was going to be one potential thing, right? Like, that. You were going to disguise Bathwack as somebody else so you could do that to make shimi or Mo look like Valencia the valet? [00:52:23] Speaker D: Yeah. [00:52:24] Speaker A: Just depends on the dawn. Does not cancel. [00:52:28] Speaker D: That's what I was asking. [00:52:30] Speaker A: The only limitation would be however long the spell lasts. [00:52:35] Speaker E: Has will as will existed and been seen in Trent, maybe in the car? Has will always been. [00:52:44] Speaker D: Will has been someone else this whole time. [00:52:46] Speaker E: So your primary identity in relation to our group is the valet. So we don't have to make an excuse about will has diarrhea. [00:52:56] Speaker D: No, it's the valet has diarrhea Valencio has Valencia. [00:53:01] Speaker E: Unless we have somebody. We have. [00:53:05] Speaker D: Yeah, that's why I was saying, because then at least it doesn't matter if their performance is great. I'll use Shimi. He might be too short, but maybe we can disguise that some way. I think I can make him look taller, but I don't want to risk somebody running into him and seeing that he's an illusion. But it won't matter. I'll just say, shimi, just you being there at all will be good. [00:53:24] Speaker A: Will I be honored? [00:53:26] Speaker D: All right, don't try too hard. If you try too hard, it's not going to work. [00:53:31] Speaker A: Well, I've got this. [00:53:32] Speaker D: Oh, God, you're so short. [00:53:36] Speaker A: You're so slightly above average height. [00:53:44] Speaker D: What's your excuse? What I'm saying. [00:53:48] Speaker A: No, he's not ten, but I don't remember. [00:53:50] Speaker D: Bathrock is going to have to carry you on his shoulder and say, my valet is. He gets to be carried today. It's a tradition. Then he'll certainly draw the eyes. Because it doesn't make sense to make Mo shorter. Mo can't imitate that at all. It's got to be sheemy. Okay, yeah, we'll just make him look like me. Yeah, that'll be. I'll pass that before dawn so that I can get that back. [00:54:12] Speaker A: And how long does it last? 8 hours. [00:54:15] Speaker D: 8 hours. [00:54:16] Speaker A: And it's not concentration, I'm assuming. [00:54:20] Speaker D: No, it is not. Because we would have written. [00:54:22] Speaker A: So then you're good. [00:54:23] Speaker D: Okay, cool. All right, so I'm going to cast seeming. Does anyone else need to look like anything? [00:54:30] Speaker A: Because you can target a bunch of. [00:54:32] Speaker D: I can. I can cast a spell and have it affect whoever we want. [00:54:39] Speaker C: Bathurg will need the mask. [00:54:41] Speaker E: Wait, why does Bathwack need that? [00:54:44] Speaker F: So we can be someone else, right? [00:54:47] Speaker E: That's the way Bathwack is going to be somebody else. [00:54:49] Speaker D: It's going to be someone else, right? We discuss so many different things. Like, no wonder none of us can remember it. [00:54:58] Speaker E: Do we want Mo to be disguised as a citizen of Trent? Who gets threatened by will because will wanted some buy in? Moe could. Could be. That could be, like, in the market. And that could be part of the choreographed. [00:55:20] Speaker D: Oh, I live in Trent. [00:55:22] Speaker F: Ow. [00:55:23] Speaker D: Mo, you hurt me. I would love for you to be somebody that they all would. Because then know, I guess. I don't know how big. [00:55:39] Speaker F: What if we roped the fairy guy into this? Rafina? [00:55:45] Speaker D: Do you think he would marry the fairy no less? People. We can't have too many people knowing what's going on? [00:55:58] Speaker F: People know him. [00:55:59] Speaker D: That's not. I mean, Roscoe, you're kind, but I'm not going to kill anyone. I'll just put them in peril and then I'll set them. [00:56:07] Speaker A: I mean, I could be whoever. [00:56:08] Speaker D: I probably should probably not talk. [00:56:11] Speaker A: I just go. [00:56:15] Speaker D: You could draw people's attention to whatever I'm doing. If the person is, say, unconscious. What? You could be some other citizen? [00:56:26] Speaker B: Maybe. [00:56:26] Speaker D: I don't know. It doesn't make sense to disguise you now, really, does it? [00:56:29] Speaker A: I'd be whoever. [00:56:30] Speaker D: Have people seen you with us? We've all kind of been everywhere. I don't know if I care so much about that. Mo. You just need to be there. Oh, yeah. You know what, though? If you're not there, why aren't you fighting? You love batswag. Maybe I fight. Oh, Mo. I have to fight too many people now. [00:56:46] Speaker A: It'd be hard for me to catch up to demon fleet. I fight. [00:56:50] Speaker D: Initially, I think we're overthinking it. [00:56:54] Speaker B: We just need to go. [00:56:55] Speaker D: Yeah, I think we are, like, triple and quadruple thinking. [00:56:58] Speaker F: Everything okay? [00:56:59] Speaker D: All right. [00:57:01] Speaker A: You just use seeming on who she. [00:57:04] Speaker D: Me to look like. On Shebi, yes. [00:57:07] Speaker A: On whip to look like. [00:57:09] Speaker D: No. Valencio Beigeman. [00:57:12] Speaker A: I am the valet to King Bathwack. [00:57:17] Speaker D: This is the most complicated thing. Okay. All right. Casting it and just before dawn when our spells refresh. [00:57:24] Speaker A: Yes. [00:57:25] Speaker D: Any other spells? Anyone got to use a spell before dawn when our spells refresh? Just not waste anything, says Will, who's probably never said that kind of thing before. But, like, we are about to feel great. What? [00:57:41] Speaker A: Eyebite in some random dude? [00:57:45] Speaker D: Maybe I would just create something. Maybe I should create the bones. How long does the creation last? Yeah, it depends on the material. Yeah. I also cast. Create now. There we go. Okay. Create. Give them to Rafina, and I'll give them to Rafina. So, okay. Bones. Like, charred bones, I guess, because it's supposed to be flame. Give to Rafina. [00:58:12] Speaker B: Are we leaving things at the hotel? Are we coming back here? [00:58:17] Speaker D: Mean, I'm assuming we're going to be okay? I mean, like, whoever comes back will be here. Bathwalk will be dead. Like, bathwalk. Pick up all your shit. I don't want to pick it up. Once I'm pretending that you're dead. It's too much. You're slob. No, I'm just kidding. I have no idea how. Bathwack has, like, one shirt. Probably ra. [00:58:39] Speaker A: Cloth face is tidying up after Bathwag. He throws away his mountain dew cans. And his funions bags. Wow. All right. [00:58:53] Speaker E: I will say that Roscoe's fine, I think. But as we're leaving the end ahead of the tavern, Oscar will kind of whine at Roscoe a bit. And Roscoe will. [00:59:12] Speaker F: Yeah, yeah. I know you liked having Bernard around. I know you miss him. It's okay. [00:59:23] Speaker D: Will does the Charlie Brown walk. Yeah. He's like, yeah, me too. In his head. [00:59:36] Speaker A: And Oscar comes up and nuzzles your leg for a second and then splits off to go with. [00:59:47] Speaker D: I've had this myself with my own animals. Like, it's the sensation of, like, oh, you're so cute. Like, your heart's all Melty. And then you realize there's, like, a big old thing, a glob of saliva, and you're like, oh. For a second. That's what happens in that moment. For a second, he's like, oh, this little dog. That was really nice. And then he's like, but what did you just roll? I just saw him lick a pile of horseshit in the road. Like, get away from me. Just kind of like, yeah, it's definitely noticeable. The soft look for a second, and then just. [01:00:20] Speaker A: All right, so everybody but will goes to the Trent ale house to get some breakfast. Some biscuits and gravy or whatever. [01:00:30] Speaker D: Yeah. [01:00:31] Speaker A: Out in the common room, not in the back, hidden room. And will is about to enter in some sort of disguise, I believe. [01:00:43] Speaker D: Yeah, I guess we're going to find. [01:00:46] Speaker A: Out exactly what happens. This is going to be the start of the death of Bathwack Madrak. [01:00:52] Speaker D: Whoa. [01:00:53] Speaker A: Next time on pork fried dice. [01:00:56] Speaker D: Oh, my gosh. [01:00:59] Speaker A: All right, I have that sound. Where is it? Here it is. [01:01:15] Speaker C: Do you have the Wilhelm scream ready for when I go over the cliff? [01:01:19] Speaker D: Yes. [01:01:20] Speaker E: The bathwhack helms. [01:01:23] Speaker D: Yeah. [01:01:24] Speaker A: I also have this sound, which I meant to play long time ago. This was supposed to be, like, the score to the scene in the desert mother with the desert mothers, and I completely forgot about it. But I'm going to just play it right now. [01:01:47] Speaker D: That's that thing that Abby has, right? [01:01:50] Speaker A: This is Abby. [01:01:51] Speaker D: Oh, it is. [01:01:53] Speaker A: This is Abby. It's a rav drum. [01:01:56] Speaker D: I wish you should have sent me that. I would have just played it. [01:01:59] Speaker A: Yeah. I don't even know if I remembered it. Yeah. [01:02:03] Speaker D: That's so cool. [01:02:05] Speaker B: It's so funny, because I thought about that, like, six months after I recorded it for you, and I was like, oh, wait, we never used that. [01:02:11] Speaker A: That's where I meant to use it. It's been on my soundboard. I completely forgot about it. I got to use it somewhere else. [01:02:19] Speaker D: It's so cool. [01:02:23] Speaker B: It definitely is reminiscent of smoking the desert mother. [01:02:28] Speaker D: Yeah. Oh, man. Oh, man. You should have it be. [01:02:34] Speaker F: There must be places you could use. [01:02:36] Speaker A: I will. I'll find a place for it. [01:02:39] Speaker D: No, nowhere. [01:02:41] Speaker B: I think that the end of Alex's recap today is the sound you should have when he goes over the edge. That was pretty great. [01:02:53] Speaker E: All right. Took us three sessions, maybe even. How many sessions did it take us? [01:03:02] Speaker A: It's a big deal, dude. [01:03:04] Speaker E: I think each session built on the last. I think I'm excited to see it. [01:03:09] Speaker D: Unfold when I was on the cliff. Is there a way for Rafina to get down and get the. Like, how will that work if there's nobody? [01:03:19] Speaker B: I think I'm supposed to chase them, but then I don't get all the way up, right? Because I'm at the bottom when it happens, right? [01:03:25] Speaker A: You guys are way faster. [01:03:26] Speaker B: We'll see how it happens next time. [01:03:30] Speaker D: Oh, no. [01:03:33] Speaker E: Yeah, we can lean into the improv of it. [01:03:36] Speaker D: Yeah, for sure. [01:03:38] Speaker E: I think it'll be. [01:03:40] Speaker B: Planning is not our strong. [01:03:42] Speaker A: It's low stakes. [01:03:43] Speaker E: And again, if anything goes wrong, we can always say this was during the planning session. They were imagining this happening, and then that's why this is actually what's going to happen. Like in a heist movie or something. [01:04:03] Speaker D: Man, wouldn't that have sucked? Well, anyway, you. Hey, everyone, if you like what you hear, please consider leaving us a kind review wherever that sort of thing happens. Also, support us by sending us a tip on Kofi. You can find all of our social media [email protected]. Thank you for listening, and we'll see you next time.

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