86: I'll Permit Steed to Stink

86: I'll Permit Steed to Stink
Pork Fried Dice - A Dungeons & Dragons Podcast
86: I'll Permit Steed to Stink

Sep 03 2018 | 00:57:48

Episode September 03, 2018 00:57:48

Show Notes

In typical Pork Fried Dice fashion, we're still in the same location we've been in for the past few sessions. Where are we this time? The werewolf cave. Granted, we've encountered a drunk werewolf who we had to dispatch, and there were gross flesh curtains nobody wanted to touch, and a mound of cursed treasure we had to puzzle over, and a cave that gave us weird feelings, and the Swirly Man showed up to tempt Will with a hundred things (even though a hot bath would have sufficed)... but we've got to figure out where to bring this dragon skull! Maybe a stop at a mysterious tower will help. Music by AbBowie Cross.

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