70: I'm Lookin' To Get Mounted

70: I'm Lookin' To Get Mounted
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70: I'm Lookin' To Get Mounted

May 07 2018 | 01:00:02

Episode May 07, 2018 01:00:02

Show Notes

Guys, we've scored some awesome loot - a ring from a dead saint, and a crazy light-up sun sword from a scarecrow! But we still want those delicious silver weapons, and we've also got a mentee to find. So let's hope we can make quick work of these zombie-whatevers so we can get back to the other 40,000 goals we still have yet to do. Oh wait, Batthwack and Will are having their own little tiff on the side? Morninglord save us all. Music by AbBowie Cross.

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