57: Go, Go, Baron Skis!

57: Go, Go, Baron Skis!
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57: Go, Go, Baron Skis!

Jan 29 2018 | 01:06:18

Episode January 29, 2018 01:06:18

Show Notes

Last week, Batthwack started by decimating Lady Fiona Wachter, and then Izek stepped in and eliminated most of the rest of her cultists, all in the midst of a fabulous discoteque courtesy of Raphina. We last saw Izek heading out of the room with the last remaining cultist, but after checking on him a few minutes later, all that remained was a large amount of blood, most of it pooling in the hallway outside, with the rest of it trailing away towards the back of the house. Did the cultist overpower and murder Izek? Did someone spill a pot of blood destined to become a delicious blood pudding? Or is the blood actually partially set black cherry Jell-O? Take a listen and find out! Music by AbBowie Cross and http://www.purple-planet.com.

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