184: Stonesaw Chainsaw

184: Stonesaw Chainsaw
Pork Fried Dice - A Dungeons & Dragons Podcast
184: Stonesaw Chainsaw

Aug 03 2020 | 02:32:24

Episode 21 August 03, 2020 02:32:24

Show Notes

Hello, dear episode description readers. It's time for your next mission. Last week, you all did a great job, so I'm sure you won't disappoint me this time around. Your task - take a photo of something out there in the world that reminds you of PFD. Maybe it's a bag of flour! Maybe it's a murderous goat with a southern accent! Maybe if I keep going, I'll take all of your good ideas, so I'll stop! Anyway, rendezvous at our secret meeting place with your digital daguerreotypes to complete this secret E.D.R. assignment!

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